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A look inside Studio SMC and our project process: Plan Design Move


Studio SMC is a full-service commercial interior design firm providing space planning, design, move management and project management services worldwide. We service numerous market segments including corporate office, small business, industrial and warehousing, specialty retail and residential, accessory healthcare and educational spaces, and more.

Let's talk where we came from. Sam -- the Founder -- has a pretty cool story about how she started the business. Rewind 40 years. Starting in the facilities department at Kimberly Clark in ATL, Sam was tasked with learning AutoCAD. Being the dedicated employee she was, Sam took on that task and taught herself the software.

Fast forward a few years, Sam was moving back to had the vision to build an interior design firm that operated on the values and ethics that she practiced every day and is now recognized by her clients nationwide.

Sam pursued that vision and started SMC Consulting. She built her firm, reputation, and client base one project at a time. Being a single employee and owner of the firm required working days and nights to complete all of her project tasks as promised to her clients. Following SMC's substantial growth, Sam hired Keith Colamarino, who has both a design and business background, as her business partner.

A few years and a handful of employees later, enter, “Studio SMC” - a commercial design firm providing a full range of services including space planning, design, furniture planning, move management, and project management. Studio SMC has provided design and project management services for over four million square feet of commercial spaces in the USA, Canada, and England.

Sam is now in the process of retiring and Keith and his wife, Jessica, have taken over the business. As the employees of Studio SMC have adopted the values and ethics that have aided in SMC’s success over the years, Keith and Jessica bring fresh ideas and practices that have enhanced not only the structure of SMC but also the culture. Jessica brings many valuable skills and expertise to the table, and both Keith and she have been an essential part of the growth and success of the company.


Plan, design, move: our 3 core services.

We can take a project from concept to completion, and then move you in, while managing the project the whole way through. Our designers are there at the beginning to understand your needs and help create a vision. As a one-stop shop, we make your life easy by offering all project services under one roof, creating a network of professionals for your project.




Don't have a space yet? Perfect timing! Whether you are looking to lease or purchase, we work with brokers to help find options that best fit your needs. We conduct test-fits that will illustrate how your company needs lay out in each space, and help choose the right one all while considering location, budget, and fitout.

Once we ensure a suitable space, our next step is to conduct detailed programming ‘interviews’ with key members of the project team, such as HR leaders, managers, or team leads, to get an understanding of processes and workflows within the company. We make sure to capture what is working and what isn’t within departments and throughout the office. Understanding what does not work is key in designing what will. We evaluate adjacencies and equipment needs, as well as spacial utilization and common paths of travel among departments throughout the office. To read more on this process, check out our blog, “The Importance of Programming”.

After gaining a complete understanding of the operation and needs of the company, we put all of the programming information to paper. We start by organizing the information into bubble diagrams that represent general locations for the main areas of the office. These diagrams get massaged through discussions between designer and client, and then mold into floor plans with distinguished spaces and square footages. If a space plan is well-designed, it will be flexible enough to accommodate future changes, such as staffing additions or managerial promotions, without the need for major interior renovations. An efficient space plan will increase productivity, efficiency, and employee morale by maximizing the capabilities of your space and providing all of the areas and tools necessary for workers to perform to the best of their ability. To gain a deeper understanding of the space planning process, click here!


Once a floor plan has been confirmed, we move into the design phase where we focus on meshing aesthetics with functionality. (To read more on this process, check out our blog, “The Design Phase: Where aesthetics meet functionality”.) We take a look at your branding and style and suggest building finishes that highlight your company culture. We pair both practical and current furniture styles and finishes with the aesthetics of the space to complement the design.

During this phase we develop the plan into construction documents that illustrate all of the information and details on how to build the space that has been designed. We’re there to help with furniture planning and procurement and are on-site for not only the construction process but furniture installation as well. Our designers make sure that the FF&E package meets the design intent and coordinates with all building and furniture finishes to ensure a cohesive design.

To help illustrate our design ideas, we bring the project to life through finish boards, photorealistic renderings, 3D models and walkthroughs. Having these visualization tools available to the client before construction starts is important to help the client feel confident in the design before constructing it. Check out more on this subject in our blog, "The Design Phase: Bringing a Project to Life".


Once the project is complete and the space is ready to be occupied, SMC can help move you in. Whether you are relocating from another state, city, building, or floor, we are there to manage the move from point A to point B. SMC will create all of the move documents such as relocation plans, move matrices, tagging schedules, and instructional packets that encompass all of the information on how to successfully complete the move. We bid out the physical move to find the best labor and cost, and work closely with the hired team on-site during the move to ensure a seamless move.

With our wide network of resources, we can also procure and coordinate tenant responsibilities such as IT/AV needs, signage, artwork, and even coffee or cafe market services. Because we are a service-based company, we sit on your side of the table and aim to find not only the best products but also the best price throughout all aspects of the project. We are not tied to any vendors or manufacturers and can utilize our relationships and experience to ensure the perfect selections that fit your needs.




We have a passion for optimizing space to reach its full potential and servicing you throughout the whole process.


To satisfy all aspects of a project by providing a holistic approach through planning, design, project management, and move management services under one roof.

It is our goal to achieve client satisfaction by planning and designing both functional and creative spaces tailored to current and future needs while appeasing both budget and taste.


To plan for current and evolving work methods by designing flexible, dynamic spaces that satisfy both today's trends and progressive behaviors of future generations while implementing our knowledge, experience, and expertise in the design industry.


Our company culture is unique. As a family-owned and operated small business, our employees quickly become part of our “family”. We can be described as casual, creative, and committed. Most of our industry knows us as fun and laid back, while also being poised and thorough. Our designers’ strengths and skills mesh to create an all-encompassing portfolio of abilities.

If you have a project and don't know where to begin, reach out to us at or fill out our contact form here. We’d love the opportunity to work together!

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