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Managing A Corporate Office Move





Why hiring a move consultant is key to completing

a smooth and successful relocation of your business.



Managing the logistics of a physical office move can be a very intricate and time-consuming endeavor. In most cases, a move from one facility to another is typically a “once in a career” occurrence. Knowing how to manage a move is not something most ordinary companies navigate often. So, where do you start?

There are many aspects of a move that need to be carefully planned and executed in order to ensure success. Overlooking the slightest detail could lead to costly mistakes and downtime. Hiring a move consultant is a great way to eliminate the stress of uncertainty. Whether you are moving an entire office, a partial office, or reorganizing within an office, a move consultant can streamline the process by developing and implementing a move plan that minimizes disruptions.



To understand the value a move consultant provides, you really need to know what it takes to pull off a successful move. For example, let’s assume you need to relocate 50 employees from two locations into one newly leased or purchased space. Below is a broad example of some of the services a move consultant may provide to ensure a successful move:

  • Identify all personnel, furniture, equipment, etc. that is to be moved.

  • Develop drawings for both origin locations to identify the physical location of everything that is moving, and develop a drawing for the new location that identifies where employees, furniture, and equipment are moving to

  • Produce a schedule that adheres to the requirements of the client and or landlord for both origin and destination.

  • Develop and distribute a move instruction packet that provides detailed move instructions to the workforce outlining everything they are responsible for doing or not doing to prepare for the move.

  • Create RFP using the detailed drawings for local move companies to bid on the physical move

  • Conduct walk-through of origin and destination with interested move contractors to review building access, truck access, permitting needed, etc.

  • Review bids from move contractors and assist with selection.

  • Coordination of move materials (boxes, crates, labels/tags, keyboard bags, etc)

  • Develop a tagging plan with corresponding move placards and wayfinding for physical move.

  • On-site management during the physical move to ensure everything is moved correctly and the site is ready for operation.

  • Distribute Post Move Trouble reports and handle any issues after the move

In addition to the outline above, the move consultant would need to work closely with the client to understand any limitations for moving two locations into one with no downtime. To achieve the “no downtime” requirement for this example, the move would need to occur after hours or over a weekend. This is pretty typical with today’s moves and most move contractors prefer to conduct the physical move after hours. At close of business on move day, the employees leave the office and return to the new location the following business day. This could be over a weeknight, or over a full weekend if more time is needed. If both origin locations are unable to move during the same night, or they are 24 hour operations, the best way to move with little disruption is to phase the move in conjunction with shift changes. This can be done relatively easily and is not uncommon with office moves.



Following the move, a move consultant will typically be on site for an additional day or two to make sure that everything was moved correctly and address any issues. If there is furniture involved, it is typical for the move consultant to also have one or two movers from the move contractor present to shift or adjust any large furniture or equipment. A final walk of the origin space will ensure the space is fully cleared and ready to turn back over to the landlord per the lease agreement.

While all of these tasks may be a little overwhelming for most people, a professional move consultant typically has years of experience and knows exactly what needs to happen and when. Not only do they provide the client with peace of mind, but you can also rest assured knowing that your office move will have minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Studio SMC has been managing office moves in the United States for over 25 years. If you are planning an office move or relocation of any kind, give us a call at 724.728.8625 or email us at

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