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Jane joined SMC in mid-2013 as our Office Manager. After graduating from Rochester High School she joined the workforce as a bank teller, earning her own income. Her main focus, though, was to build and care for her family. Jane has been married since 1976, has two children of her own, and five grandchildren. Over the course of her career she has gained experience in numerous lines of work which help make her a great asset to SMC.

Following the arrival of her two children, Jane spent eight years as a stay at home mother. For all of you mothers out there, you know that being a stay at home mom is no easy task. Some of the tasks she performed while being a stay at home mom are, but not limited to: mentor, domestic engineer, household CEO, bank, chauffer, event planner, chef, teacher, accountant, maid, lawyer, financial advisor, barber, receptionist, judge, personal shopper, veterinarian, psychiatrist… the list goes on and on, but we think you get the point.

Now that her children are grown and on their own, she was ready to hit the workforce again. Before becoming an employee at SMC, she has had experience in the banking industry, various positions in the public school system, and helping to run her daughter’s day care. Jane is great with multitasking and loves new challenges.

Throughout her life she has gained knowledge in numerous areas and has built skills that we feel are intangible, and are a great asset to our company and image. Working as our office manager, Jane feels right at home executing the laundry list of tasks that she may be asked to do at any given time. SMC is pleased to have staff like Jane and hope to continue to grow and prosper with her.

Office Manager

Jane Cosky

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